About Us

Who We Are

We are a team of Clinical Psychologists, Marriage & Family Professors and Church Leaders with the mission of helping couples love more effectively and often in the midst of their busy lives.

ActAgape History

Dr. Scott Symington, a clinical psychologist, has been in full-time private practice in Pasadena, CA since 2005. He has over 25,000 clinical hours of helping individuals and couples lead freer, more connected lives.

Alongside his clinical work, Scott has always had a passion for developing user-friendly methods that empower people to experience positive life change outside the therapy room. Seven years ago he developed a simple, powerful way of increasing loving behavior and connection in couples’ everyday busy lives, known as the AGAPE Method.

In 2019, Scott introduced the method to his good friend, Bryan Walley, who also had experience and a heart for developing personal growth systems. After consulting and building partnerships with marital experts, psychology professors and church leaders, Bryan and Scott set out to create an app based on this clinically-tested method that was improving the lives of couples.

Fueled by the mission to leverage technology, clinical experience, psychological science and spiritual principles to help couples love better, the ActAgape – Lasting Marriage app was officially released in January 2022.

Team Highlights

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Dr. Scott Symington


  • Clinical psychologist, author, speaker
  • Recipient of the Nautilus Book Award for Freedom from Anxious Thoughts & Feelings published by New Harbinger Publications
  • Married to Melissa Symington for 21 years who is also a psychologist–their poor kids!
  • Core passion: to inspire, encourage and empower others to fully express who they were designed to be
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Bryan Walley


  • Background in business, finance & operations
  • MBA from USC Marshall School of Business
  • CEO of Exactuals, a financial services software company
  • Core passion: leveraging technology to make the world a more loving place
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Carter Kennedy

Head of Church Outreach

  • Church leader and planter advisor
  • Corporate real estate advisor to SF Bay Area and STL life science, technology, and financial service companies
  • Married to his bride Stephanie since 2004
  • Core passion: impacting the local and broader community by building up healthy marriages
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Caren Edler

Head of Operations

  • Over 30 years of experience being a board member of numerous organizations, planning events and fundraising, a true philanthropist at heart!
  • Christian leader serving as a church deacon and community volunteer
  • Married to Vernon for 25 years and enjoying life with our 2 amazing teenagers
  • Core passion: using networking skills to bring people together