What is ActAgape?

ActAgape is a relationship enrichment app based on a clinically-tested method, developed by psychologist Dr. Scott Symington, that increases loving behavior and connection in couple’s everyday lives.

At the heart of the app is the AGAPE Method, which helps couples identify, share and implement simple, daily acts that powerfully communicate love and care. AGAPE is a Greek word for the highest form of love, the type of love focused on what is best for the other. With our method, AGAPE is also transformed into an acronym representing the 5 primary ways we experience love:
A = Affirmation
Recognizing, encouraging or appreciating each other
"I see and appreciate how hard you work."
"You have good ideas."
"I like how your mind works."
G = Generous & Helpful Acts
Generosity of time, service & heart
"How can I best support you today?"
"Breakfast in bed"
"Gift giving"
A = Affection & Physical Intimacy
Physical affection, touch & intimacy
"I enjoy it when we hold hands."
"A long kiss"
"Sensuous touch"
P = Prioritizing Us
Making the relationship a priority
"Can I take you on a date this weekend?"
"How about the two of us go on a walk?"
"Would you like to find a time to talk?"
E = Empathy
Emotional understanding & support
"How are you feeling?"
"I am sorry you are going through this."
"How can I help relieve your stress?"